Oil & Natural Gas

It has now been confirmed that Uganda has commercially exploitable reserves of oil and gas.  Efforts to explore and develop this non-renewable resource have been stepped up in the last decade.

Of Uganda’s five sedimentary basins (The Albertine Graben, Hoima Basin, Lake Kyoga Basin, Lake Wamala Basin, Kadam-Moroto Basin), the Albertine Graben has so far been the most prospective area for petroleum in Uganda.  It forms the northern most part of the western arm of the East African Rift Valley System. The Albertine Graben is 500km long, averaging 45 km wide and 23,000 sq Km.  It runs along Uganda’s western border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and is a distance of 1,200 Km from the nearest coast.

Size and Structure: The upstream oil potential capacity defined in terms of reserves is currently estimated at 3.5 billion Barrels of Oil as of June 2012, with most of it concentrated in the Albertine Graben. The oil reserves are likely to increase since exploration is on-going.


Oil Wells in the Albertine graben

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